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Soap stamper - Stamping process - Soap finishing line

Stamping Process

To select the right soap stamper / soap press you must consider the following factors:

Firstly, operating speed: Number of bar soap per minute.

Secondly, bar soap shape or shapes to be stamped (with or without side band in rectangular, oval, round or irregular shapes).

Finally, dimensions and weight of the soap bar that you want to produce.

Taking into account all these factors, you have to select the soap stamper machine, the cavity die set and the die set chiller.

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Overhauled Machines

Every soap stamper / soap press has been reviewed and rebuilt by our staff, so the structure is fully reconditioned and checked for proper operation.

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Wide Range

We offer a complete range for any different requirements: hotel soap bars (small dimensions) or toilet and laundry soap bars (midium or big dimensions).

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Leaders Manufacturers

There are stock in our warehouse of the most important manufacturers: Mazzoni, SAS and Meccaniche Moderne.

Stamper parts overhauled and rebuilt - Stamping process - Soap finishing line

scrap rework system - Soap stamper

In the production of soap bars without side band (bandless), you have to estimate that you will always have an excess of soap called “scrap”, which is formed around the periphery of the dies as the dies come together to form the final bar shape and to set the stamped bar weight.

Depending on the shape of the soap bar you want to produce, this scrap can be a large amount. However, this excess can be recovered thanks to Scrap Rework System, which should be bearing in mind in your project.

We stock soap stamper machines for the production of soap bars with and without side band. All of them are pre-tested before being delivered to the final customer.

Define your need and contact us to check our current stock available.


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