Soap Mixer / Soap Amalgamator

Soap amalgamator - Mixing process - Soap finising line

Dosing & Mixing Process

Soap Mixer mix soap noodles and flakes with all kinds of liquid and solid ingredients, including synthetic materials. 

During the mixing process, two different actions take place:

1.- Preliminary mixing. The additives only coat the outer surface of the soap noodles.

2.- Intensive mixing. It is achieved when the soap noodles are broken up to expose more surface area, helping the ingredients to penetrate into the soap noodles.


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Overhauled Machines

Every soap mixer has been carefully reviewed and rebuilt by our staff, so all components are reviewed, replacing old ones.

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Wide Range

A high wide range of used soap amalgamator available in our stock.

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Leaders Manufacturers

We have stock from the most important manufacturers: Mazzoni & Binacchi. Likewise, we also make our own amalgamators.

Soap amalgamator parts overhauled and rebuilt - Mixing process - Soap finishing line

We stock soap mixer / soap amalgamator in our warehouse with different configurations::

  • Open Sigma blade.- The most popular configuration.
Mixer MS Tank volume (l) Capacity (Kg/Batch) (*)
MS-100 100 lts 25 Kg
MS-200 200 lts 50 Kg
MS-400 400 lts 100 Kg
MS-1000 1.000 lts 250 Kg
MS-1200 1.200 lts 300 Kg
MS-1600 1.600 lts 400 Kg

(*) Batch capacity is based upon using soap noodles with an average bulk density of 0,6 Kg/litre.

  • Double Sigma blades.- Suitable to work with synthetic – Syndet, combo toilet soaps and translucent soap production.

Open Sigma Blades

Open Sigma Blades - Soap Mixer

Double Sigma Blades

In addition, they can also be configured with manual or motorised drive output, and are supplied with pre-wired electrical control board housing the motor starters, relays, pushbuttons, timer to preset and control the mixing cycle, etc.

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