Crutcher - Saponification Step

The Crutcher is a vertical mixer, which is part of the Saponification step. Saponification is the process by which raw materials are mixed until the reaction is complete to obtain liquid soap. We can also use it to add solid and liquid additives.

Crutcher is made with a carbon steel or stainless steel container. Inside the container is the beating or mixing group, which is formed by a vertical worm, which rotates inside a cylinder. The worm applies a movement to the upward material/mix within the cylinder, which ensures the mixing of the materials and the saponification process takes place.

It is also equipped with a heating jacket or steam coils to allow the mixture to be heated and thus accelerate the saponification reaction (the reaction is carried out at about 90ºC).

At the bottom there is a shovel whose rotation prevents the product from depositing on the Crutcher base and keeping the discharge gate free.

Crutcher Components Parts - Saponification Process

The Crutcher saponification process is a simple, economical process, which avoids the discharge of residues and offers the possibility of checking and correcting, if necessary, the saponification process.

We have in stock Crutchers with the capacity to saponify from 1 to 6 tons of soap per hour.  Consult us.