Soap Machinery for Laboratories and Small Production

Laboratory Plodder - IMJ M-75 - Extrusion process
Small soap making machine for laboratory to test soap quality
Laboratory Plodder - IMJ M-75

We design and manufacture new soap machinery for laboratories to carry out tests to fix dyes and perfumes on soap bars, as well as complete finishing lines for small productions of soap bars (up to 200 Kg).

It is also possible to purchase the machines (Amalgamator/Mixer, Refiner/Extruder and Semi-automatic Stamper) individually.

Amalgamator / Mixer

Soap mixer small production

Designed to mix soap flakes with all types of solid or liquid ingredients, including synthetic materials.

Main Characteristics:

  • Parts in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Z-type blades.
  • Discharge lower part by manual gate.
  • Loading of the upper part by manual gate.
  • Tank capacity up to 200 litres.
  • Production capacity: from 25 Kg per load / 250Kg per hour up to 50 Kg per load / 500Kg per hour.
  • Electric start and stop panel.
  • Electrical voltage: 230 or 400V, 50/60 Hz.


Simplex Type M Plodders are designed and manufactured to refine and extrude of soap from the Mixer. They can be configured in two different ways:

  1. Simplex Plodder-Refiner with a plate drilled with blades to obtain soap noodles.
  2. Simplex Plodder-Extruder with conical head to obtain a compact soap bar. The heating system of the conical head is identical to that of a Plodder-extruder at industrial level.

Main characteristics:

  • Parts in contact with the product in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Cooling jacket in the worm barrel.
  • Refrigeration system with inlet and outlet.
  • Conical head with temperature control.
  • Production capacity from 75 to 250 Kg/h toilet soap.
  • Worm diameter size from 75 to 200mm.
  • With frequency variator to regulate the speed of rotation of the worm.
  • Electric control panel for running, stopping and speed regulation.
  • Electrical voltage: 230 or 400V, 50/60 Hz.

The plodders are mounted on a carbon steel frame, with protection plates and wheels for displacement (optional).

Soap plodder for small production

Semi-automatic soap stamper

Soap semi-automatic stamper for small production

Semi-automatic soap stamper with pneumatic drive (compressed air operation).

The vertical motion for the upper stamping die is accomplished through an air cylinder, which is mounted onto a rugged structure. The lower die is stationary. All of the stamping asembly is supported by a robust body.

The stamper is complete with air filter, pressure regulator, and lubricator.

Air requirement: 20-22 litres of compressed air per stroke, at a maximum pressure of 6 atm.

Main characteristics:

  • Designed to stamp all size and kinds of shapes (soap bars with or without side band).
  • Feeding of the soap and soap bar discharge are done manually.
  • For its operation, the soap stamper is provided with a double push-button safety device.
  • Stamper speed approximately 12 strokes/minute.
  • The stamping can be adjusted by means of a compressed air pressure regulator.
  • Electrical voltage: 230 or 400V, 50/60 Hz.