Soap Roll Mill

Soap Roll Mill - Refining process - Soap finishing line

Refining Process / milling process

Roll Mill is used as soap milling machine in the refining proccess, specifically in the production of toilet soap. Designed to produce a totally homogeneous and uniform product, eliminating hard particles of low solubility.

Refining depends on two variables: gap between rolls and difference in roll rotation. The gap between last two rolls determines the degree of refining and the temperature of the product.

The soap noodles passing between rolls become a thin soap film.

Finally, thanks to the scraper (blade with multiple cuts and angles), the soap film is separated from the last roll.

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Overhauled Machines

Every soap roll mill has been reviewed and rebuilt by our staff carefully. All components are reviewed, replacing old ones.

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Wide Range

A high wide range of used roll mills available in our stock.

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Leaders Manufacturers

We have stock from the most important manufacturers: Mazzoni, Binacchi, Lehmann, Heida, Bauermis.

Soap Roll mill parts overhauled and rebuilt - Refining process - Soap finishing line

Roll Mills available in different configurations:

  • Vertical or horizontal  rollers position.
  • Manually or hydraulically adjustable to define the thickness of the soap film.
  • 3, 4 or 5 rollers. 
  • Rollers with cooling circuit system to ensure an efficient temperature control of the soap during refining process.

And different lengths and diameters rollers (different contact area to ensure proper product refining and cooling) to cover a wide range of level of production.

Define your requirement of production (Kg/h) and contact us for a quotation.