Soap Cutter

Soap Cutters - Cutting process - Soap finishing line

Cutting Process

Soap Cutter machines are designed to cut the extruded bar from plodder into pieces of predetermined length continuously. 

This step is essential as part of soap finishing line due to soap stampers have to be fed with individual pieces.

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Overhauled Machines

Every machines have been reviewed and rebuilt by our staff. The structure is fully reconditioned and check it operates rightly.

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Wide Range

A big quantity of mechanical multiblade cutter machines in stock with two type of motors: electrical and pneumatic.

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Leaders Manufacturers

We have stock from the most important manufacturer: Mazzoni

Soap cutters parts overhauled and rebuilt - Cutting process - Soap finishing line

There are two types of multiblade soap cutters available:

  1. Model TH cutters: Specially designed to cut small soap bars for the production of hotel type bars. The cutting length is adjusted manually by removing the multi-blade cutting chain and adjusting each link to the desired length.
  2. Model TV cutters: The cutting length is adjusted by means of a handwheel, which allows the cutting length to be set within a range.

In case you want to stamp your soap bar and you need to feed the machine with pieces of soap of a certain size, send to us an email to request a quotation. We only need to know the dimensions of your soap bar.