Soap Amalgamators / MIxERS

Soap amalgamator - Mixing process - Soap finising line

Dosing & Mixing Process

Amalgamators / Mixers mix soap pellets and flakes with all kinds of liquid and solid ingredients, including synthetic materials. During the mixing process, two different actions take place:

1.- Preliminary mixing. The additives only coat the outer surface of the soap pellets.

2.- Intensive mixing is achieved when the soap pellets are broken up to expose more surface area, helping the ingredients to penetrate into the soap pellets

All of them can be emptied manually or motorized operated. 

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Overhauled Machines

Every machine has been reviewed and rebuilt by our staff carefully. All components are reviewed, replacing old ones.

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Wide Range

A high wide range of used amalgamators available in our stock.

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Leaders Manufacturers

We have stock from the most important manufacturers: Mazzoni & Binacchi. We also make our own amalgamators.

Soap amalgamator parts overhauled and rebuilt - Mixing process - Soap finishing line

Soap mixers available with:

  • Open Sigma blade.- Most popular used soap mixer.
  • Double Sigma blades.- Suitable to work with synthetic – Syndet, combo toilet soaps and translucent soap production.

Open Sigma Blades

Open Sigma Blades - Soap Mixer

Double Sigma Blades

Double Sigma Blades - Soap Mixer

All units can be supplied with prewired electric control board housing the motor starters, relays, pushbuttons, timer to preset and vary the mixing cycle, etc. Contact with us for a quotation.