Soap finishing line drawing

Soap finishing line is the last step in soap bar production. This step mix soap noodles with other components and transform them into (stamped) soap bars. The final product must be homogeneous.

In our wharehouse we have a big stock of soap making machines of the most relevant european manufacturers: Mazzoni, Binacchi, Meccaniche Moderne, Lehmann, to develop different configurations of the line, depend on your needs: Toilet, laundry or syndet bars.

All our machines are fully rebuilt and overhauled by our staff, meeting the highest rigorousness standards.

Soap amalgamator checked and rebuilt - Mixing process
Soap roll mill checked and rebuilt - Refining process
Belt conveyor checked and rebuilt
Plodder checked and rebuilt - Refining and extrusion process
Soap cutter checked and rebuilt - Cutting process
Soap stamper checked and rebuilt - Stamping process

We can also provide to you a single machine to redefine and improve the process in your production:

Soap finishing line drawing (LTC)
Soap Finishing Line Drawing
  • DOSING & MIXING: Weigh Scales (1), Mixers/Amalgamators (2) and Dosing Units for colours and perfumes.
  • REFINING: Simplex or Duplex Refiners (4), Roll Mills (6)
  • FINAL REFINING & EXTRUSION: Duplex Vacuum Plodders (8)
  • CUTTING & STAMPING: Cutters (9), Stampers/Presses (10), Chiller (12), Soap Divert DVP, Cavity Die-set
  • WRAPPING: Wrappers
  • ACCESORIES: Belt Conveyors (3) (5) (7), Scrap Rework System (11) 

Soap finishing line machines